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Minister Rebekka Henry was born on May 19, 2002, in Los Angeles, California, and she later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, when she was five years old. Her parents are Promise Batey (mother), Corey Batey Sr. (stepfather) and Dauntie Henry Sr (father). Minister Rebekka attended Archer High School in Loganville, Georgia, where she received her diploma with honors, and she is now enrolled at Spelman College in Atlanta. At Greater Fair Hill Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is a member and an Associate Minister, Minister Henry responded to her Call to the Ministry when she was 13 and was licensed as a Gospel Minister at the age of 17 by Dr. Patrick K. Latimore (Pastor of Greater Fair Hill Baptist Church). She received mentoring as a minister under the guidance of Minister Domita Latimore (First Lady), and Minister Monica Lucas (Senior Director, Youth Ministry). Minister Henry’s current involvement at Spelman: Sisters Chapel, Lead Chapel Assistant. She serves on the MLK International Chapel's Assistant Executive Board as well. To share uplifting messages with people of all ages, Minister Henry has produced a social media series titled "Faith Talk." According to Minister Rebekka, "everyone is here for a divine purpose. If God gave you another day to live, He is giving you the chance to either carry on with or begin fulfilling your purpose.”

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